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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Horticulture and Crop Science Department

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BS in Environmental Horticultural Science



Primary Advisor

Virginia Walter


The Southern California area is experiencing increasing water shortages resulting in the need for plant material that has a high ornamental value as well as a low water requirement. The objectives of our project were to find, plant, and observe succulent plant material in the Southern California area to determine which succulents have a low water requirement, are low maintenance, disease and pest resistant, while adding beauty to the landscape. Succulent plant material was planted and observed in La Habra Heights, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach to provide a range of climate zones. After two years of observing the plant material at the three separate locations succulents were chosen for our Illustrated Succulent Guide based on how well they did in each location with limited water, the ease of maintenance, and their overall appearance. We found hardy succulents that thrived in each location that met all our requirements and enhanced the existing landscapes. The list of hardy succulents in our guide are drought tolerant, disease and pest resistant, easy to plant and maintain, while providing unique and interesting forms, colors, and textures.

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