Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Harvey Levenson


This Senior Project for the Graphic Communication major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is an examination of the marketing and communication outreach efforts taken by non-profit and for-profit organizations in raising their visibility in print as well as new electronic media. An initial email and phone interview inquiry to 20 non-profits and 10 for-profit agencies was initiated in the Winter Quarter (January 2010). Responses have been evaluated and integrated into the project to determine what shifts or impact new media have upon these agencies. Survey responses were not as plentiful as expected, however, respondents provided information that was sufficient enough to capture a sense and direction of program need and the platforms currently used to promote their users activities. An analysis, in a graphical representation was used by employing an analytical for purposes of making the information more useful to the reader. One agency in particular, the YMCA of San Luis Obispo, gave hands-on access to their materials and staff, for which I spent many hours reworking and re-branding their paper and electronic footprint. Generally agencies and businesses are just beginning to employ new electronic media for their marketing, but still rely heavily on print media and face-to-face and collaborative efforts in approaching how to express their presence in the competitive market.