College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Hocheol Yang, College of Liberal Arts, Graphic Communication Department


The redesign of the Swedish digital music streaming service called Spotify gives it the potential to play an even larger role in the world by becoming its own social media platform. Even with Spotify's successes, Spotify currently still lacks the best social experience because of the limited ability to share music within the mobile app.

A redesign of the Spotify app offers interaction opportunities between users to make it a solid form of social media and a stronger competitor to the rising TikTok app. Combined with user experience criteria and new visualizations, I was able to build a prototype that enables friends and followers to connect with each other in the Spotify app. With the creation of new pages and social features, this project's redesign of Spotify transformed the way users can connect on the app.