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Graphic Communication Department

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BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Michael Blum


The purpose of this study was to analyze and determine the current trends in digital magazines. Digital magazines are a growing vehicle of communication, and an active supplement to the traditional print magazine. With the help of growing technology, many trends seen in digital magazines help engage readers further and offer more substantial means of advertising.

This study investigated the different trends in digital magazines. The study began with descriptive research through a questionnaire formulated and distributed through the Internet to a substantial audience. This audience included both those who have read and those unfamiliar with digital magazines. This survey allowed information to be collected about the expectations of digital magazines. Next, historical research was done in order to find more information concerning those who have read one or more digital editions. Information was gathered from Texterity, Incorporated’s “Profile of the Digital Magazine Reader.”

The results of these surveys showed that there is a growing demand for digital magazines and concluded the major trends. Major trends included rich media streams like video and music, easy search access, and the ability to browse pages within an Internet browser instead of downloading information. These trends prove to be a major aid in supplementing traditional print and keeping interest in the field of magazines.

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