Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Malcolm Keif


Counterfeit goods continue to undermine the value of genuine artifacts. This also applies to counterfeit banknotes, a significant counterfeit problem in today’s rapidly growing world of technology. The following research explores anti-counterfeit printing methods for banknotes from various countries and evaluates which are the most effective for eliminating counterfeit.

The research methods used in this study consists primarily of elite and specialized interviewing accompanied with content analysis. Three professionals currently involved in the security-printing industry were interviewed and provided the most current information about banknote security printing.

Conclusions were reached that the most effective security printing methods for banknotes rest upon the use of layering features, specifically both overt and covert features. This also includes the use of a watermark, optical variable inks, and the intaglio printing process. It was also found that despite the plethora of anti-counterfeit methods, the reality is that counterfeit will never be eliminated.

Unfortunately, counterfeit banknotes will remain a part of our world. The battle against counterfeit banknotes will have to incorporate new tactics, such as improving public education, creating effective law enforcement, and relieving extreme poverty so that counterfeit does not have to take place.