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College of Liberal Arts

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Graphic Communication Department

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BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Gordon Rivera


The purpose of this study was to benchmark the branding methods utilized by the athletic wear brand, Athleta, as compared to its competitors in the athletic apparel industry. Once the benchmark methods have been identified, I would recommend that Athleta implement them into their current marketing channels. There was in-depth research done upon the overall industry environment that Athleta is operating in, recent trends and innovations done by their competitors, and the innovations that are being done by Athleta itself. There were also multiple interviews conducted with an Athleta employee to gain deeper insight into the brand as well as a survey looking into a variety of potential customers and the values that they find the most important for athletic wear. This research found that certain marketing techniques, including tribal marketing and certain photography content could be beneficial to the Athleta marketing strategy. The conclusions from this study can be taken by Athleta to have a better understanding of their customer. They can show their most unique qualities of their products to increase their sales.

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Marketing Commons