Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Brian Lawler


The purpose of this study was to develop knowledge of the practice of underwater photography and determine how color correction leads to the success of an underwater photograph. Color is one of the photographer's greatest assets. When light travels through water instead of air, different techniques and equipment are necessary for correct color capture.

Human perception of color changes with depth underwater, which is due to the decrease in natural light. The scientific method, elite and specialized interviewing, and content analysis were used in this study to determine useful tools in color capture and reproduction in underwater photographs.

An experiment was conducted in which a color chart was created and photographed at different depths underwater while scuba diving. This aided in determining the attenuation of different colors underwater. This experiment, along with an interview with a professional underwater photographer, was then analyzed to identify the color correction techniques that work best in the field of underwater photography.