Department - Author 1

Graphic Communication Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Graphic Communication



Primary Advisor

Gordon Rivera



In this study, my objective was to determine what cover design elements contribute to the success of Vogue, the world’s leading women’s fashion magazine. I found that color, fonts, layout, and photography all work together to make a cover that both catches the reader’s eye and gives the reader information about the magazine’s contents. I was able to narrow this down through extensive research on the background of women’s fashion magazines and, specifically, the history and future of Vogue.

In order to find out what is different about Vogue’s printed magazine covers compared to other fashion magazines and discover how the techniques they use have helped them take the lead in the magazine industry, I surveyed 60 women between the ages of 20 and 40 and asked them a series of basic, demographic questions, followed by a comparison of variations on a traditionally Vogue-looking magazine cover.

Through my research I was able to find that women, in general, are drawn to the simple beauty that makes Vogue so appealing. The women surveyed appeared to agree that the “best” cover was the original, traditionally-Vogue cover with simple fonts, color, layout, and photography.

This research will interest designers of magazine covers because it will show them which techniques work and specifically, on what audiences. By figuring out how to catch a readers attention, the magazine industry may be able to maintain their significance and continue to be successful for decades to come.