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Graphic Communication Department

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BS in Graphic Communication



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Brian Lawler


The purpose of this study was to show the potential that strategic packaging communication could have on attracting a larger client base. Through revealing current packaging innovations and the psychology behind it, a business should be well informed on how to appeal to the maximum amount of customers.

The study consisted of elite and specialized interviewing of industry experts in order to get an inside look at packaging and how companies are using it to communicate to their target markets. The next step was to survey this targeted customer base and discover the psychology behind their purchases and what is most desired in a product’s package.

The results of this study revealed the decline in demand of point-of-purchase displays. Price is becoming overwhelmingly important in which package is selected off the shelf. Store placement is still of great consequence and has shown to be the drive behind a significant amount of sales. In the future, sustainable packaging looks as though it will become increasingly more vital to consumers as the world becomes more educated on the environment and the affect each purchases has on its finite resources.

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