Fresh Voices: Composition at Cal Poly


In “Overfishing: A Global Perspective,” Viet H. Nguyen addresses a pertinent topic that isn’t necessarily at the forefront of American’s concerns despite its significance. What is a food crisis? In informing readers of the factors contributing to this predicament, Nguyen cites a wide variety of sources. Are they clearly introduced and fully explicated? What aspects or elements would you change in order to maximize the information brought in from outside texts? How would you do this? Are there any sources you would eliminate or change?

Because such a large number of outside sources were consulted for this essay, the author must deal with multiple ideas and frames of reference within the topic. Think about how the organization requires Nguyen to incorporate and address such large amounts of information. Do the connections the author makes consistently culminate to a larger point? How would you change the organization of the essay to keep the focus clear?