Fresh Voices: Composition at Cal Poly

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The Thread of Spirit


Nicole Rust’s profile “The Thread of Spirit” concentrates mostly on the biographical elements of Russell Brown’s life. For example, the author writes, “At a very young age Father Russ had established a genuine love for people. Constantly taking notes, he paid attention to every detail in the world around him.” Do these elements come together to create a cohesive depiction of Father Russ, or are there gaps that you would like to see filled?

How does Rust incorporate the title of her essay into the content? As a reader, can you determine what “The Thread of Spirit” means to Father Russ? What does someone typically visualize when he/she thinks of a priest? Does Rust’s profile challenge any common conceptions of a priest’s life? If yes, then what is challenged? Examine the transitions between paragraphs. For instance, Russ ends paragraph four mentioning how Father Russ began his “faith journey,” and she transitions into her fifth paragraph with the same key phrase, “This ‘faith journey’ ” continued after two years. . . .”Focus on other transitions and determine if they move the essay forward effectively.