Fresh Voices: Composition at Cal Poly

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David Deering, Custodian


Christopher DaSilva’s essay, “David Deering, Custodian,” examines the often under-appreciated custodial profession in order to highlight an integral part of Cal Poly. Although a profile essay, DaSilva’s sustained and supported focus on the importance of Deering is similar to principles of argumentation. Describing Deering as “trustworthy,” “intelligent,” and “understanding,” DaSilva builds a strong case for Deering’s role as “the backbone of the school.” Along with the use of precise language to express his thesis, DaSilva also manipulates the traditional form of an essay to give his profile a unique and effective style. Initially organizing his ideas around time, DaSilva illustrates Deering’s rigorous, yet predictable schedule; as a result, the reader is able to follow Deering through his daily routine. While reading DaSilva’s essay, consider the effect of the form as well as other ways to depict Deering’s schedule. In the end, does DaSilva convince you of Deering’s contributions?