Fresh Voices: Composition at Cal Poly


In Jill Estes’ argumentative essay “Pulling Back the Curtains,” she describes a remarkable advertisement that combines all the attractive features of former and current tobacco ads but ends with a twist. Estes believes that it is important to remind young audiences that smoking has long-term effects that belie its mystique, and for her, this ad is an important part of that fight. Notice how she weaves analysis with description: “In an age where the glossy pages of magazines are plastered with cartoon depictions of Joe Camel grinning with a cigarette perched conspicuously between his lips . . . one can see how easily impressionable adolescents can fall into the entangling web of lies. . . .” Estes argues that this ad effectively fights the battle against smoking; additionally, she embeds other claims in her argument. What are they? To view the ad she is describing, go to www.tobaccofreeca.com.