Fresh Voices: Composition at Cal Poly


Taking a creative approach to an important issue, Jesse Tyler juggles fact-driven research and personal voice to form a unique argument in “Invasion of the Zombie Chickens.” From the beginning of his essay, Tyler draws in his reader with an articulate description not usually associated with research-based essays. Yet Tyler’s introduction is not merely an amusing “hook”; instead, it is grounded with a strong, arguable thesis, paving the way for the rest of his essay. Tyler’s balance of humor and thorough research provides an entertaining background through which to explore the issue of “spent hens” in Petaluma. Not relying on one fail-safe answer, Tyler explores multiple solutions to Petaluma’s growing problem, giving honest evaluations of each. Such a realistic view of the problem adds to Tyler’s ethos and provides an effective counterbalance to the concluding description of the “zombie chickens.” Ultimately, does his foray into fictional components detract or enhance his argument?