Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


A fire protection and life safety review of the Wistron GreenTech facility in McKinney, TX is performed. The facility was reviewed from both a prescriptive (building code) and performance based design per the codes summarized in the report. The prescriptive fire and life safety systems analyzed where the following: Building Code Analysis Including but not limited to: Occupancy classifications, Occupancy separations, Building height and areas, Type of construction, Fire resistive construction, Means of egress, Fire Alarm and Detection Systems, Automatic Fire Sprinklers & Water Supply, Special Hazards, Emergency Planning and Preparedness The prescriptive requirements in general where met, the exceptions being the egress travel distance exceeded for one space and the H-3/H-4 allowable areas where exceeded but where addressed using an PBD by increasing fire resistance ratings. The performance based design analyzed the following: Egress analysis (RSET) Both hand calculations and Pathfinder, Fire Scenarios (ASET) FDS was utilized with design fire scenarios In the performance based design the design fire chosen was a commodity rack storage fire of Class A plastics and an office fire involving a Christmas tree in the main lobby. The rack storage fire was chosen due this being the highest fuel source in the actual production area. In the office all the interior finishes were replaced as part of the project so more fire resistant materials so the Christmas tree was chosen in the lobby since a small compartment and the likelihood of untenable conditions due the high HRR of the tree and the small compartment. In performing the analysis the warehouse fire proved to be tenable, the office fire the only area of concern was the actual lobby where the Christmas tree was located. Due to the lobby compartment and the close proximity and fast burning fire of a Christmas tree untenable conditions are quickly exceeded are odds of survival are slim in the Lobby. The adjoining office area to the Lobby, due to the size and wall separation, untenable conditions did not occur and also the fuel limited Christmas tree fire.

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