Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


A Fire and Life Safety analysis was performed on the existing Monticello Office Building located in Delaware, USA. The Monticello Office Building is a mixed use building that contains office space to support a population of 700 people, dining facilities to accommodate approximately 400 people, and a conference area for up to 125 people. The building is composed of two major components; a five (5) story office wing and a one (1) and two (2) story amenities wing that mainly houses the food service, dining, kitchen, retail and conference areas. A prescriptive analysis of this building was performed to determine if the fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, structural fire protection and egress components of this building are in compliance with the applicable codes and standards utilized at the time of construction. A performance-based analysis was also performed for this building using computer-based software. Three separate fire scenarios including stacks of plastic chairs, a furniture fire in the main atrium, and a kitchen fire were analyzed to determine if the occupants have adequate time to egress the building prior to unsafe conditions. The Monticello Office Building meets or exceeds all the applicable codes and standards for which it was originally designed to. It is determined that the majority of the facility was actually over designed based on these codes; including but not limited to, sprinkler design criteria and number of exits. In addition to the perceptive analysis, it is determined through the performance-based design that during a fire event the building is capable of discharging the total volume of occupants prior to the existence of unsafe conditions within the building envelope.

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Final Presentation





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