Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Chris Pascual and Fred Mowrer


The purpose of this Life Safety Report (LSR) is to provide a prescriptive based analysis of the Adam County High School based on the existing codes that the building was constructed under. This will include exterior and interior building construction, fire protection systems, and egress requirements. Additionally, this report will evaluate selected performance based design scenarios for the High School. Findings and recommendations to the performance based design scenarios, along with any deficiencies, are noted at the conclusion of the report. The prescriptive analysis of this report will focus on the International Building Code requirements with emphasis on Chapters 4 – 10. Other chapters will also be referenced, but not as in depth. These requirements are outlined within this report, will details on how the project building will be meeting or exceeding the code minimums. The performance based analysis of this report will focus on two Life Safety Code design scenarios, and their respective impact on the occupants and building. While the Life Safety Code was not used when the building was designed and built, it was used during the performance based analysis as a guideline and reference related to the scenarios and portions of this degree program.

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Project Presentation





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