Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


The purpose of this report is to analyze the fire protection systems and features of the Maintenance Shop Building (MSB), which is a two story office and training building on the campus of a large industrial facility in central California. The goal of the fire protection systems and features of the Building is to provide occupants with reasonable assurance of safety from fire. This goal can be met by ensuring that occupants not intimate with the initiation of a fire will be able to safely escape from the Building in the event of the fire.

The ability of the MSB’s fire protection systems and features to achieve this goal are analyzed in this paper using two complimentary methods. The first method is to compare the design of the MSB to applicable prescriptive codes and standards to assess their compliance. Insofar as the MSB’s systems and features are compliant with prescriptive requirements, a reasonable assurance of life safety may be assumed. The second method employed in this report is to perform a performance- based analysis of the MSB’s fire protection systems and features. This performance-based analysis is performed using computer-based modeling and in accordance with applicable performance- based codes and standards.

Based on the results of these two approaches, recommendations are made for methods and modifications to improve the fire safety of occupants of the MSB and ensure compliance with current codes and standards.

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