Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Chris Pascual and Fred Mowrer


This report presents a fire and life safety analysis of Engineering IV. This analysis includes a review of prescriptive code requirements per the International Building Code, 2009 Edition and other applicable codes and standards; a description of the current fire and life safety systems or features in place; a prescriptive.based analysis; and a performance.based analysis. Beyond typical fire protection systems, such as means of egress systems and structural fire protection, Engineering IV was found to an automatic fire alarm and notification system, an automatic sprinkler system, and smoke control features. The systems and features surveyed were found to be within prescriptive compliance. In most cases, prescriptive requirements were not only met, but exceeded. However, an equivalency was used for smoke control to achieve compliance. The performance.based analysis, based on a comparison of ASET and RSET in two fire scenarios, demonstrated adequate building performance. In both cases, occupants were found to be able to safely evacuate before untenable conditions were reached.

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Project Presentation





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