Jared Mattern



Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


This report analyzes a hotel located San Francisco, CA for compliance with prescriptive and performance based requirements in accordance with the California Building Code. The first-half of the report addresses the prescriptive-based code requirements of the building. This report outlines the design is compliant with the referenced standards. The performance based portion of the report evaluates if the enclosed parking garage located on Level 1 of the building will maintain tenability in the event of a car fire. Three tenability conditions were evaluated to define a tenable environment, carbon monoxide levels, temperature, and visibility limits. Selecting the location of the fire required analyzing the fuel load therefore the fire scenario selected was based on SFPE Handbook Car fire data up to sprinkler activation where the fire growth to halt and this peak heat release rate is maintained for the remainder of the simulation. Through hand calculations and fire modeling using NIST’s Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) the report concludes that the current system does not maintain tenable conditions for egress. Additional analysis to this case study would be required to further analyze the conditions provided to egressing occupants.

Mattern- Hotel- Presentation.pdf (8344 kB)
Final Presentation





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