Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


The Hinesville MOB will be analyzed throughout the course of this report to determine if it meets the prescriptive-based requirements set forth by local and national regulating bodies. Further, a performance-based approach will be taken to assess the buildings ability to sustain life while a safe and timely evacuation occurs. It will be determined that the Hinesville MOB does comply with all regulations set forth for fire and life safety. In some cases its construction and systems may exceed the required minimum standards. It will contain 100% coverage with an automatic sprinkler system, be equipped with adequate emergency notification system, meet or exceed all requirements for structural fire protection, and its egress capabilities will greatly exceed its requirement. The building will be subjected to multiple simulated fire scenarios to determine if the building can maintain an appropriate tenability while evacuation occurs. Two different scenarios are simulated using computer based software to determine the available time for a safe evacuation. Manual calculations are performed to determine the amount of time that would be required for a safe evacuation to occur. In both scenarios tenability was lost in the building due to failing visibility. The result of these simulations showed that the building was capable of providing ample time for a safe evacuation to occur. To conclude, the building performs well during performance-based test. The building will remain in a tenable state longer than is required for a safe evacuation. The building meets all code requirements set forth by the local AHJ and national regulating authorities.

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Final Presentation





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