Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


This report summarizes the analysis of the existing fire protection features and systems installed in the Recreation Center building on the Cal Poly campus. The analysis is conducted into two different approaches. A prescriptive analysis approach will examine installed fire protection features and systems in accordance with the International Building Code. The analysis will consider the building as existing building as per IBC provisions. A performance-based approach will assess whether the building occupants will egress the building before conditions become untenable. Fire dynamic simulations will be used to determine the available safe egress time and evacuation simulations will performed to estimate the required safe egress time. Two fire scenarios were analyzed to assess tenability conditions. The first fire scenario assuming a stage fire during a fully-packed-gymnasium concert has revealed that conditions become quickly untenable for second floor bleachers top seat occupants. The same conclusion was reached for the assessment of the second fire scenario assuming fire under bleachers on the second floor. The following recommendations were put forward to enhance safety of personnel and users of the Rec Center: 1) Training of personnel in enforcement of life safety management procedures and regular fire safety awareness campaigns were suggested as important tools to improve safety factor between ASET and RSET. 2) Re-assessment of installed sprinkler system in the gymnasium as existing system was designed for light hazard occupancy while the bleachers flammability study revealed that the gymnasium should be classified as extra ordinary hazard occupancy. Performance-based analysis of postulated fire scenarios is encouraged in order to formulate comprehensive improvement life safety measures for the Rec Center.




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