Degree Name

MS in Fire Protection Engineering


College of Engineering


Frederick Mowrer and Christopher Pascual


Building A is a 9-storey mixed used development in Singapore to be completed in 2028. Fire safety provisions of Building A shall be in accordance with Singapore Fire Code 2018.

The report has analyzed the fire safety provisions in the area of structural fire protection provision, means of escape provision, automatic water suppression system provision, automatic fire detection and alarm system provision, engineering smoke control system provision, flammability assessment as well as performance based assessment.

Generally, building A complied to the prescriptive requirements of automatic water suppression system provision, automatic fire detection and alarm system, structural fire provision and means of escape provision.

However, there are 3 non-compliances to the Singapore Fire Code 2018: (1) Extended fire compartment size, (2) Insufficient exit capacity, and (3) Insufficient setback distance from notion boundary.

The non-compliance related to extended fire compartment size and insufficient exit capacity are approached with performance based fire engineering study (ASET/RSET assessment) in accordance with Singapore Fire Safety Engineering Guideline 2015.

For the ASET/RSET assessment, the following design fires have been considered: (1) Design fire 1 on 1st story which is the base of atrium for maximum smoke entrainment to the upper floors, (2) Design fire 2 on 3rd story with the highest ceiling and thus the largest fire size based on 2nd ring sprinkler activation, (3) Design fire 2 with wind effect for sensitivity study, and (4) Design fire 4 on 5th story music room where insufficient egress capacity is provided for the floor. Pathfinder evacuation modelling has been carried out for movement time estimation for occupant evacuation on respective floors.

The performance-based fire engineering study has concluded that the ratio of ASET/RSET for all the design fire are >2 and thus Building A has met the acceptance criteria stipulated in SFEG 2015.

For the non-compliance of insufficient setback distance, radiation heat exposure study has been carried out in accordance with SFEG 2015. Design fire 3 with 50% increase in the largest fire size has been considered at the edge of the building nearest to the notional boundary. The study has concluded that the radiation heat exposure to the notional boundary is less than 12.6 kW/m2. In other words, the acceptance criteria of below 12.6 kW/m2 stipulated in SFEG 2015 has been met.

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