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Christopher Cohan Center (Bldg 006)

Completion Date: 1994

Square Feet: 101,030

Architect: John Carl Warnecke & Associates

General Contractor: Centex Golden Construction Company

Construction System: Steel frame, masonry and glass exterior, steel roof

Construction Cost: $26,800,000

Architectural Style: Post-Modern

Cal Poly President: Warren J. Baker (1979-Present)

Post-Modern architecture is a counter reaction to the strict and almost universal modernism of the mid-20th century. It reintroduces elements from historical building styles, although usually without their high level of detail. Common features include columns, pyramids, arches, obelisks, unusual or attention-getting shapes and roof lines, and combinations of stone and glass on the facade.

Building named for Christopher Cohan whose family ties to San Luis Obispo date back to the early days of television. In 1990, he made a large gift on the eve of the beginning of the PAC construction fund-raising campaign. Cohan was recognized in the naming of the new center in 1996.