College - Author 1

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Department - Author 1

Experience Industry Management Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration



Primary Advisor

Ye (Sandy) Shen, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Experience Industry Management Department


Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are the backbone of tourism. There are many strategies to encourage this, especially in large cities such as Los Angeles and Amsterdam. The purpose of this study was to compare and contrast the marketing strategies used byDiscover Los Angeles and I amsterdam. The following marketing strategies were analyzed: video advertisements, websites, posts on social media, and events. I amsterdam accurately displays the culture of the city through their media and events. While Discover LA does this successfully in event marketing, they struggle to do this through their media. DMOs do not currently use their social media pages as a tool to engage with their followers, so they are recommended to create a more interactive space. In addition, DMOs would benefit from making their content light-hearted and informational. They also should represent themselves authentically, while considering and supporting the locals’ opinions and continuing to reinforce the events that support their mission.