College of Liberal Arts


Ethnic Studies Department

Degree Name

BA in Comparative Ethnic Studies




Elvira Pulitano


The purpose of my study is examining the ways in which agricultural

business is currently supporting and benefitting a non-profit organization.

Through participation of an international agricultural business, Plant Sciences Inc.

(PSI) and a Christian non-profit organization, Lifesong for Orphans, this study

has been a collaborative effort and process, observing agriculture as a means of

sustainability for a non-profit organization. This study has revealed the necessity

of not only updated technology and resources, but has also discovered a continued

necessity of dedicated personnel to the field. A major theme from my

observations was cross-cultural relations, and the ways in which the continuing

process of two disciplines (agriculture and non-profit work) coming together has

created opportunity for further successes in areas such as: globalization, and

economic sustainment. My work is helping bridge the two disciplines in the form

of the efforts of PSI and Lifesong for Orphans by the means of a small sustainable

strawberry farm. The project is revealing that the two practices, global non-profit

organization work, and agricultural business, can rely on each other to achieve

something other than the work they usually practice. Through PSI and Lifesong

for Orphans, this study is an example of cross-cultural and agricultural business