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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences Department

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BS in Earth Sciences

BCNWR Map.pdf (20382 kB)
A full size, digital copy of the map of relict landscapes and landslides.



Primary Advisor

Antonio Garcia


The San Andreas Fault Zone is a great location to conduct geomorphologic research, because of its recent history of tectonism and related surface uplift. In the Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge - located in Kern, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties – a map of relict landscapes and landslides was created. The map was created using a combination of techniques of air photo mapping and field mapping. A digital version of the map was created and used for further analysis of the relict landscapes and landslides. This research serves as reconnaissance for future research in this area, and shows how maps can be applied to analyze geomorphologic processes and hazards.

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Geomorphology Commons