College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

English Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in English



Primary Advisor

Kevin Clark


The concept behind this year's theme, "Bold," actually came from concepts our art director, Melissa, showed us during our first meeting. We had tossed around ideas of "Timeless," "Enduring," and "Vintage," amidst our discussions of how in the world we were going to raise money for the journal this year. With the economy tanking, we knew art programs like ours would be the first to suffer. We wanted to find a theme that captured how we felt about art and how art made us feel. We kept coming back to the same idea: We have to just be bold and go forth with this project, as if nothing in the world could stop it. As soon as Melissa showed us the black background with neon lettering, we knew exactly what our theme was to be this year.

Art has to be bold in order to achieve anything. It has to punch limits in the gut and spill its own soul on the page, canvas, or music sheet. It must stand out and stand on its own. The poem from which the journal gets its name, "Sailing to Byzantium," is about striking out for a land where people are not afraid to be individual and create art that is bold. For us, the journey of getting Volume 20 published has felt much like the journey to Byzantium: long and arduous, but extremely rewarding in the end.

We set out boldly, and we "have sailed the seas and come/To the holy city of Byzantium."