This book is about the “community to which we belong”–we, the students, faculty and staff of Cal Poly University and our neighbors. Cal Poly Land encompasses nearly 10,000 acres in four large parcels--two in San Luis Obispo county, and two in Santa Cruz county--making us the second largest university landholder in California and one of the largest in the nation. This land comprises one of Poly's most valuable assets. Its “outdoor teaching and learning facilities” provide laboratories for education and research, house ecosystems and lifeforms, grow food and fiber, inspire recreation and renewal, and remain our legacy from past to future generations. Cal Poly's land has been central to its evolving identity. Enjoying, knowing, using, and taking care of this land are our common concerns. These particular 10,000 acres sustain our work and define our institution. This book aims to increase appreciation and understanding of the land, to enhance our sense of place.


English Language and Literature



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