Department - Author 1

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Electrical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Bryan Mealy


This project explores the design and development of a touchless DJ interface. It requires fundamental knowledge of the operation of DJ software and hardware. Two theremins and two microcontrollers are integrated into the design and encompass the analog/digital aspect of the project. The design was created after researching hands free and touchless electronic controllers. The features incorporated into Air Scratch are very common and useful for DJs. The principle of a touchless DJ controller was first tested using software, and then later developed into hardware; primarily for copyright issues. The DJ software used by Air Scratch is found online for free, while the hardware was produced after successfully finding compatible technologies. The first stage was a semi-functional software implementation of a single turntable, and consisted solely of a theremin, A/D software, and VST instruments. As the project matured, references for the theremin and A/D controllers were found and then assembled. The parts for the theremins and microcontrollers were ordered online, assembled, tested, and then troubleshot. The
components for the theremins were soldered onto copper PC board to save time, while the microntrollers were fabricated onto etched PC boards. All four parts were then placed into a protective and aesthetic enclosure for the final product. This project explains how to develop a non-tangible object into a marketable product.