College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Electrical Engineering

College - Author 2

College of Engineering

Department - Author 2

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree - Author 2

BS in Electrical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Vladimir Prodanov, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department


Parametric Acoustic Arrays (PAA) are highly directional soundwaves whose attenuation and spread are much less affected by distance from the source as compared to traditional speakers. A well-known application for PAA is the directional speaker. Studies show that noise directly affects health and decreasing noise pollution can help improve the quality of life for millions of people. Directional speakers can revolutionize society by coupling space with sound. This project encodes audio into two RF-Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) waves to drive a transducer array. Each RF-PWM wave interferes with the other in air to generate a Single Sideband (SSB) frequency spectrum that is audible with an inherent directionality. The speaker was made to be cheaper than contemporary alternatives on the market, costing less than $200 and allowing customers with lower budgets to access this modern technology. This cheaper approach using RF-PWM has proven to be viable, producing clear, audible, and extremely directional sound over three feet away from the source.