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Electrical Engineering Department

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BS in Electrical Engineering



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The Hybrid AC/DC house is a sustainable alternative to preexisting residential power systems. The implementation of a DC bus in current homes will allow inefficient DC-AC and AC-DC conversions to be circumvented. This provides a direct path for current to flow to DC loads from DC sources such as solar panels to minimize power losses. In doing so, this will give users the ability to power their homes strictly from renewable sources and substantially decrease reliance on the utility. For this purpose, the hybrid AC/DC house is also designed in such a way to be completely grid independent to provide power to rural communities that do not have access to the typical AC grid. This project provides a manufacturable model that solves the issue of energy access with a focus on creating a more sustainable future. The hybrid AC/DC house has been constructed with a couple of inputs: solar panel providing the DC energy and AC from the grid. A battery is also added to the system to improve reliability. Tests of the constructed hybrid AC/DC house system demonstrate the functionality of the system by getting the energy from both the AC and DC sources to power loads.