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Electrical Engineering Department

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BS in Electrical Engineering



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In this work, a previously completed proof of concept for an Energy Management System (EMS) for the DC House project has been revised and re-implemented. The implemented design changes will improve the performance and reproducibility of the system. This new design of the EMS replaces the two-separate buck and boost DC-DC converters with a single bidirectional DC-DC converter to reduce components and improve efficiency. Analysis of the bidirectional DC-DC converter shows high efficiency especially at larger load currents. The code of the previous work was updated for smoother operation as well as to accommodate an LCD capable of displaying more information. This project also makes use of the temperature sensing capabilities of the state of charge sensor selected in the previous design to allow for a better understanding of the system’s operation. Additionally, the sensor and all passive components were incorporated into a printed circuit board to create a more reproducible product. Testing of the system demonstrated its ability to successfully direct power between the 48V DC bus and load and the 12V battery.