Department - Author 1

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Electrical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Dale Dolan


The main objective for this project is to design and build a prototype for an all-electric SUV for the start-up company, Sharpell Technologies. This vehicle will comprise of the following configurations: auxiliary power system (APS), battery management system, battery pack wiring, CAN bus system, DC-DC charging converter, DC/DC auxiliary converter, instrument cluster, and motor controller/inverter. Each car configuration is a project assigned to a 2-4 student team; in total, eight EE senior projects and one ME project is produced. New lightweight batteries are also in the process of being developed to provide a viable electric source for the car. A mobile application, used by Internet of Things, will allow the user to check one’s vehicle at any time of the day. The complete prototype is expected in 2020. Our section of this project is to design and implement the Auxiliary Power System (APS) for this vehicle. To complete this project the group will follow a provided structure to finish within the three allotted quarters. These steps include receiving the project requirements for Sharpell Technologies, creating a test plan, implementing a project design, ordering the parts and developing the product, integrating and testing the components and then discussing our results and possible shortcomings.