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Electrical Engineering Department

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BS in Electrical Engineering



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This project seeks to use multiple sources to power a water pump. We will design a system which will combine inputs from solar and wind energy production to ensure the pump will have enough power to run. This will create a system powered by clean energy and will be self-sustained once completed. This will theoretically create a more sustainable source of power for the pump than only one of the sources. Because the power sources don’t require outside inputs (aside from sun and wind), the pump can be placed in a remote area. This could be very helpful in developing communities, where residents may not have a reliable power supply. This system will allow these types of communities to pump water from wells to bring back to their homes. This will also reduce dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.

The system will consist of a solar panel, wind turbine, control system to integrate the sources, and the water pump. The system will be made to require minimal user input to run. Inside the control system, two DC-DC buck converters are used to regulate input voltages. Two diodes are used to joint 2 input sources and prevent backflow of energy. This method is selected instead of MISO (Multiple Inputs Single Output) converter due to its simplicity. An Arduino Uno microcontroller powered by AtMega328p microprocessor is used for displaying power reading from the two sources and the load. The microcontroller also control the relay for protection purposes. An adjustable speed drive and motors combination is studied and used for simulating the wind turbine generation. Relays and circuit breakers are also studied for circuit protection in renewable power systems.

This project showcase the possibility of having a hybrid renewable system for common electrical appliances as well as pointing out some difficulties in such system.