Electrical Engineering Department

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BS in Electrical Engineering






This project investigates the efficiency of using LED light bulbs when operated under two different electrical systems: AC and DC systems. The project is in conjunction with the implementation of the DC House system in urban areas. More specifically, this project looks at whether having a hybrid AC and DC system in a typical urban house will increase the efficiency in operating the LED light bulbs, and thus reducing energy consumption and cost. The efficiency of the LED light bulbs are measured by looking at their lumens per watt output. Several light bulbs at four different wattage levels were tested. For the DC light bulbs, further tests were performed at two voltage levels: 12V and 48V. Results indicate the importance of selecting the proper converters when DC system is to be used in a hybrid AC/DC house. Results also demonstrate the critical choice of DC voltage level when DC electrical distribution system is planned to be installed inside the hybrid house.