Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Electrical Engineering




Art McCarley


Traditionally overbed tables have simple and cheap designs, yet contain many disadvantages compared to the design proposed in this report. Disabled or bedridden persons, often require the use of a bedside table either in hospital environments or at home. Unfortunately, many modern overbed tables require the user to get out of bed and move in order to adjust and position the table. Incorporating a singlebutton control panel that allows the user to make adjustments and access other features independently, creates more accessible product. Integrated subsystems must control all motors and interfaces with an easy access control panel in order to create a functioning workspace without strain on the user. The objective of this project is to allow a bedridden, disabled individual, access to a functional workspace, all without leaving the comfort of their bed. The creation of this product applies to disabled persons at home, hospital environments or even a users interested in a less strenuous overbed table experience.