Electrical Engineering Department

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BS in Electrical Engineering




Bridget Benson


A drone is defined a "an unmanned aircraft that can fly autonomously[2]." In the year 2016, there exist many applications for small scale drones. Drones, having had primarily military applications, now have use in hobby robotics, photography, and even in surveying. But drones have not yet been perfected and still have room for much improvement. Several problems with drones come in the form of battery life, stability, and size. Large drones can fit many sensors and probes, but are heavy and have less flight time. For autonomous drones, stability can be an issue even though there exist many stable drones. Finally, drones can be large which make them difficult to move around.

The project proposed in this document is a form of drone called a tilt-rotor drone. It uses only two rotors, unlike the popular four rotor design. The goal is maximizing this drone's flight time while minimizing its size and cost.