Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Electrical Engineering




Art MacCarley


Cal Poly Supermileage is a student-run engineering club that builds prototype gasoline vehicles optimized maximum fuel-efficiency. To power their vehicles, the Supermileage team makes use of single-cylinder, 4-stroke, electronically fuel-injected (EFI) gasoline engines. This report details the development, iterative design & test cycles, and integration of an EFI system for the Supermileage club. This project develops an EFI system that interfaces to the most common types of sensors found in the low-power Supermileage-range of engines, including throttle-position sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, gear-tooth hall-effect sensors, variable-reluctance position sensors, engine coolant temperature sensors, intake air temperature sensors, and exhaust oxygen sensors. This system also control engine actuators, including inductive ignition coils and fuel injectors. To ensure the success of EFI system integration into the Supermileage vehicle, the current vehicle communication and electrical power systems are incorporated into this system’s design. In order for the club to test their vehicle properly and implement a data-acquisition system, the EFI system communicates current sensor data, fuel map information, and any software-detected errors.