Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Electrical Engineering




Tina Smilkstein


The goal of this project is to design and implement a hardware version of MIT’s and Cal Poly’s color amplification system. MIT created a software based system named the “Eulerian Video Magnification” that can reveal small variations that cannot be seen with the naked eye by processing the input sequence of the video. The process consists of using a Gaussian pyramid with a Gaussian kernel in order to do spatial decomposition. This process continues until there is one pixel left which then gets amplified and added back onto each pixel of the original frame for reconstruction. The reconstructed signal can then be output onto a screen where the change in color of a person’s face as blood circulates can be visualized.

The purpose of creating a hardware version is to increase the processing speed by parallel processing. It could eventually be made small enough to fit in a watch where the user will be able to check the blood flow on the go. This is important for people who may have blood circulation problems due to diabetes, kidney failure, and such [6]. It would allow them to recognize the blood circulation problem early on before it causes major problems.