Department - Author 1

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Electrical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Bryan Mealy


With the high price of large mixing consoles, aspiring artists are restricted to using a mouse to control digital facsimiles of knobs, faders, switches, and buttons. Though using the software controls is considered a simple task, dedicated hardware allows for tactile, visual, and utility. At a low cost, the heart of the MTech M-1 can be customized and placed into any shell with any combination of controls as possible with the underlying platform.

Modern MIDI controllers require significant physical space due to their preset button layout and space consuming setups. Despite their high price, modern MIDI controllers have only one setup. With one setup, music producers or artists have a hard time carrying their MIDI controllers around for concerts or other performances. The M-1 MIDI controller addresses the high cost that physical MIDI controllers currently hold on the market by allowing users to make/create their own specific MIDI control board using any combination of knobs, dials, buttons, and sliders. This customization of the controller allows the user to save space and money, while also accommodating for their style or a specific performance.

The M-1 controller is an affordable and fully customizable mechanical system. The fully customizable MIDI controller represents a digital MIDI controller while allowing the user to fully customize the physical layout of the controller. Users can place the buttons for the delay, reverb, compression, distortion, etc. in different areas of the device according to their needs. Being customizable allows the user to truly personalize the controller for their specific needs depending on the type of song being produced. Another feature of the M-1 controller is its plug-and-play capability through USB 3.0/2.0. Owning a cheap MIDI controller with plug-and-play capability allows the user to connect multiple setups of the MIDI controller because of its low price.