Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Electrical Engineering




David Braun


Dr. Braun’s students in the Polymer Electronics Lab currently have a way to measure the light intensity from their light emitting devices however it consumes an unnecessary amount of space and power. I offer to improve upon the existing transimpedance circuit that Dr. Braun currently uses, reducing the total space occupied by the circuit and the power consumption of the current setup. The transimpedance circuit measures the incidence light intensity from the polymer-based photo detector and outputs an accurate, discrete, and measurable voltage. The current setup however utilizes two 20V wall warts for the positive and negative rails of the transimpedance amplifier. I plan to reduce the two 20V wall warts to a single 12V wall wart. Because of this, difficulty arises from both producing accurate voltage values near the negative rail, or ground, using a single supply, and from measuring the light intensity accurately without additional readings from noise and bias offsets. The current produced from the photo-sensor ranges from pico- to micro- amps, which is a sensitive domain to noise.