Department - Author 1

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Electrical Engineering



Primary Advisor

James G. Harris


This project focuses on the feasibility of utilizing the lower cost passive RFID technology to track electronic test equipment for Raytheon Company. Although developed for a specific storeroom at Raytheon Company’s Network Centric Division’s (NCD) laboratory in Goleta, California, the project concepts and design are applicable to many portal-based asset tracking systems. The first part of the project consisted of experimentally evaluating the reliability of passive versus active technologies and selecting the best commercially available hardware offering when applied to asset tracking. The second part of the project consisted of developing a complete asset tracking system. The primary goals of the project were to reduce efforts spent on paper-based processes and gain a better view of asset movement for a significantly lower cost than another division’s current active RFID system.