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Electrical Engineering Department

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BS in Electrical Engineering



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Wayne Pilkington


A graphic equalizer is a device that adjusts the tonal quality of an audio signal. When sound is converted from a digital format to analog sound waves, there are amplification and transducing steps in-between the two formats. Common devices to perform these tasks are speakers, amplifiers, DACs, etc. Many of these devices exhibit a non-uniform frequency response over the range of human hearing. Thus, it is possible that certain frequency ranges of the audio signal will be amplified and others will be attenuated. To counteract this, an audio equalizer can be used to boost and attenuate certain frequency ranges within the signal, to counteract the undesirable response of the playback equipment. The equalizer can also be used to attenuate or amplify frequency ranges in the signal that the user finds desirable, such as boosting the bass or attenuating ranges common to certain instruments. In this way, a graphic equalizer provides the user with a highly customizable and intuitive audio experience. (42565 kB)
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