Department - Author 1

Electrical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Electrical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Dennis Derickson


The purpose of this project is to build a PIC (Peripheral Interface Controlled) controlled two-band stereo audio equalizer. The input audio from each stereo channel is separated into four different analog filters. The PIC has been programmed in BASIC and is used to route the audio signal to one of the four analog filters. Three of the filters have been preset to a certain frequency response (Jazz, Natural, and Bass), and the fourth filter has the unique ability to be controlled manually. Stereo potentiometers have been installed on the “Manual” filter to allow the user to change the frequency response of the circuit. The manual filter has been divided into two-bands, the “Bass” band, and the “Treble” band. By varying the stereo potentiometer on the manual filter, the manual filter circuit will provide a +/- 12dB of gain for both bands. The “bass” band has a bandwidth of 20-500Hz, while the “Treble” band has a bandwidth of 500hz-20kHz. The PIC Controlled Two-Band Stereo Audio Equalizer is useful for cutting and boosting certain frequencies, allowing the user to adjust the music to their listening preference. The total material cost is around $150 per unit.