A technical evaluation was conducted as a subtask of the “City of Anaheim Advanced Traffic Control System Field Operational Test (FOT)”, funded by the US DOT / FHWA and the California Department of Transportation. Partners for this FOT are the City of Anaheim, Odetics Inc. of Anaheim, JHK Consulting, and the California Department of Transportation. This report is the result of evaluation Task C “VTDS Evaluation”, one of three evaluation tasks covering components of the FOT. The component evaluated under Task C is a video-based vehicle detection system for actuation of traffic signals at intersections. This system, referred to as the Vantage VTDS, was developed and is currently marketed by Odetics Inc. (manufacturer) as a low-cost replacement for inductive loop detectors. It utilizes video cameras mounted on existing luminaires with a view of each of four traffic approaches at an intersection. The product cost for a four-approach intersection is quoted by the manufacturer to be $15,000 for all equipment, not including installation costs.


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