Thin films of ternary (GeS3)1-xAgx glasses (x=0.1 and 0.2) are studied in this work. Thin films are fabricated in a vacuum thermal evaporator at 3 different evaporation angles (0o, 30o and 45o). All thin film samples are examined in Raman spectroscopy. Raman results of both normally and obliquely deposited thin film samples reveal Ge-S CS modes (~340cm-1) , Ge-S ES (~360cm-1) modes, and thiogermanate modes Q1~Q3 (390cm-1~437cm-1). In addition, sharp peaks due to sulfur rings (S8) are observed at 218cm-1 and 470cm-1. Raman line-shapes of thin films are qualitatively consistent with their corresponding bulk glasses?. However, the sharp peaks due to sulfur rings were not observed in bulk glasses. By comparing CS modes of thin films of three angles, we observe that normally deposited (0 degree) thin film shows a red-shift in center and a broadening in width. The film thickness of normally deposited films are significantly smaller comparing with that of corresponding obliquely deposited films.


Electrical and Computer Engineering



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