Department - Author 1

Dairy Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Rafael Jiménez-Flores


Many companies rely on a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to accompany the delivery of their product or material. The COA, required by law, prevents customers from questioning whether a product is safe and ensures manufacturers confirm every product tested passes the Food and Drug Administration’s required specifications. Previous to this project, Kraft Foods Springfield copied their test results for each product from their data warehouse software, called Systems, Applications, and Products onto a Word document to create a COA. This was a systematic approach to detect the possible occurrences of error and reduce the time spent on generating a COA. When Kraft Foods Springfield shipped their processed cheese or cream cheese products to a customer, they attached a Certificate of Analysis document. A minimum of forty product codes was gathered, along with documentation of every customer that purchased each product. The Salt, Fat, Moisture, pH, Aerobic Plate Count, Coliform, and Yeast and Mold tests performed on every product determined the characteristic codes, or Master Inspection Characteristics for each material or product produced. This project created a profile to request a COA through the SAP program and reduced the opportunities for error in copying and pasting the results from SAP onto a Word document, creating a more efficient workplace. The objective of this project was to identify and implement the best practice to efficiently create a COA.