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Dairy Science Department

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BS in Dairy Science



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Leanne Berning


The objective of the literature review was to understand the nature and characteristics of BVD within dairy and beef herds. The paper reviewed important aspects of the disease that are relevant and practical to producers. The ideas and opinions presented in the paper were a result of compilation and review of the current literature focused on BVD. Some particular areas of focus were general information about the disease, costs and effects, pathophysiology, virology, transmission, prevention and testing. Information provided throughout the paper attempts to link practices that producers may adopt or modify in order to minimize effects of the disease. A central theme portrayed throughout the paper is that BVD has the potential to be a devastating disease to herds with high numbers of persistently infected animals. Losses from the disease are such due to the broad nature of the virus. Many crucial areas of an operation such as reproduction, weight gain, milk production, and secondary diseases are sectors that cause the most losses to producers. This paper discusses the breadth of the disease as well as the wide spread effects from a clinical and economic level. Even though the disease may seem overwhelming to many producers, minimizing the effects of the virus within a herd may be completed through a few basic practices. This paper attempts to show that the potential for complete eradication of the disease may be possible on a herd and national level. Areas that would benefit from follow up work would be comprehensive economic effects generated from the disease.

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