Department - Author 1

Dairy Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Amy Lammert


The objective of the study was to determine any potential safety hazards at Koot Dairy in order to prevent injuries and lawsuits. A hazard walkthrough was performed with employees to help discover hazards and determine the correctible actions that must take place. A farm safety checklist was used to assess some of the most common dairy hazards and to ensure law compliance. The checklist included many potential areas of hazard—first aid and emergency, power and electrical, farm equipment and machinery, farm chemicals, fuel tanks, confined spaces, environment, and workplace policies. After implementing the checklist, it was clear as to what equipment would be needed to carry out the proper protocols. In this study, warning signs were purchased and placed around the dairy farm in areas that lacked proper posted signs. Workplace policies were created to help prevent potential lawsuits. Methods for policies and corrective action were observed in various government websites including the Department of Industrial Relations, the United States Department of Labor, as well as various dairy safety guideline websites. The checklist resulted in many potential risks being observed. Hazards were observed in all areas and they were all assessed and a plan to impede the risk was put in place. The study prevented many hazards but follow up work is essential and safety assessments will need to be done on a regular basis as hazards are constantly being formed.

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Dairy Science Commons